Physical Education

Physical Education


Physical education as education through movement that encompasses all three domains: Psychomotor, cognitive, and affective. An effective programme needs to meet the need of all participants, not just the elite athletics who are physically skilled. The goal of physical education is to develop physically educated individual, who have knowledge, skill, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. Our department has been constantly striving in providing the opportunity to “Exercise” by means of games and sports to the budding healthcare professionals of our society.
Being deeply committed towards the health benefits of our students and staff,  students and staff of nearby institutions and general public,  we provide the opportunities of recreation and play. Students and staff of Medical College, College of Pharmaceutical science, the college of Nursing, Regional cancer centre, Trivandrum Dental college, Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology, Priyadarshini Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Sree Avittom Thirunal Hospital for women and children(SAT Hospital)etc are benefitted from the play fields at our disposal. Apart from mere fitness activities, recreation and play we in co-operation with the Kerala sports council provides specific coaching programme in cricket and it is indeed a proud accomplishment that a product of our coaching programme (Sanju Viswanath Samson) has made it to the senior Indian Cricket team.
Our student showing immense interest to participate sports and game and this is reflecting in the result of KUHS A-Zone and Inter Zone sports championship. We are unbeaten champions of A-Zone sports tournaments since 2013-14 onwards. Our cricket, Football, Chess, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Kho-Kho teams has shown remarkable performance in these tournaments. Many of our students are selected to participate in inter university competitions.
We also conduct inter Batch sports competition in various events for men and women. Exuberant participation was seen in these events and such participation is indicative of the interest of our students in sports and games.

Facilities at a glance

We have two tennis court, cricket stadium,foot ball field, Volley Ball Court Badminton court Kho-Kho court,Fecilities for  Table Tennis, and Chess and launching new basket ball court. More than 300 students regularly  involving in various sports and games and fitness activities

Succession list of HOD's

  1. Prof. C.S Abraham 1968 - 31.03.1984

  2. Prof. Ciciliamma Joseph 02.06.1984 - 07.06.1985

  3. Prof.C.Oommen 07.06.1985 – 31.3.1986

  4. Prof. Ciciliamma Joseph 31.03.1986 - 08.06.1988

  5. Prof. M.D. Rafeek 08.06.1988- 09.06.1988

  6. Prof. M.K. Moosa 09.06.1988 - 31.03.1998

  7. Prof. M.D. Rafeek 31.03.1990- 02.06.1995

  8. Prof. V.Thambi 02.06.1995- 09.07.1998

  9. Prof. Vincent George 09.07.1998- 18.06.1999

  10. Prof.K.S.Gopinathan Nair 18.06.1999 – 03.07.1999

  11. Prof. Vincent George 03.07.1999- 12.06.2000

  12. Prof. M.D. Rafeek 12.06.2000- 02.07.2003.

  13. Prof.Dr.K.Monikantan Nair 02.07.2003 – 22.09.2003

  14. Prof. Vincent George 02.09.2003- 31.01.2005

  15. Prof.Dr.P.K.Rose Nicx 31.01.2005 – 21.02.2005

  16. Prof. Vincent George 21.02.2005- 26.02.2005

  17. Prof.Dr.P.K.Rose Nicx 26.02.2005 – 07.03.2005

  18. Prof. Vincent George 07.03.2005- 30.05.2005

  19. Prof.Dr.P.K.Rose Nicx 30.05.2005 – 01.06.2005

  20. Prof.K.Cristpher Julian 01.06.2005 – 31 03.2008

  21. Prof.Dr.P.K.Rose Nicx 31.03.2008 – 04.06.2008

  22. Prof.Dr.K.Monikantan Nair 04.06.2008 – 05.06.2009

  23. Prof.Dr.K.Samd 05.06.2009 – 39.03.2013

  24. Prof.Dr.K.Monikantan Nair 05.06.2013 – 31.10.2014

  25. Prof.Dr.Praveenkumar.T.K 31.10.2014 – 11.11.2014

  26. Prof.Dr.K.Prasannakumaran 12.11.2014 – Till date


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