Physcial Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physcial Medicine & Rehabilitation


The department of PM&R is a pioneer institution of this kind in Kerala, started in 1960s.  The department started diploma courses in 1985 and MD degree course in 1987.  There were 4 diploma seats, and 2 MD seats at that time.  Subsequent to the MCI inspection, conducted in 2006, the department lost 3 diploma seats due to lack of facilities.  One MD seat was increased in 2010 admission, subsequent to the general rule for augmenting the existing PG seats.

The department of PM&R is one of the largest departments in medical college, Trivandrum with a working force of 60 personnel of different category.  It services the differently abled persons from south Kerala.  The department is concerned with the rehab management of neurological conditions, musculoskeletal problems, geriatric problems, childhood disorders, cardiology problems, cancer related issues, obesity related issues .  Pulmonary dysfunction  and amputees.

The department runs regular OP on all days except on Sundays.  We have speciality clinics like stroke and traumatic brain injury, life style disease management clinics, childhood disability clinics, pain and arthritis rehabilitation clinic and CBR.  Rehabilitation surgeries are done on alternate Saturdays every month. Rehabilitative surgeries are done in theatre in the main block of MCH.  Also disability evaluation certification is done every Tuesdays and Fridays in our department. Community out-reach programmes as part of CBR is conducted  in Panchayats. Also CBR programs are conducted on all Thursdays in the Pangappara unit of PM&R. 

The department of PM&R functions in the 2 storeyed building with OP Area, Male and Female Wards, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Electrodiagnostic lab, Gait lab and Urodynamic lab and Pulmonary function test lab.  We have OP on all days from 8 to 1PM except Sunday with approximately 100 cases per day.  Referal cases from department of orthopedics, neurology, paediatrics, dermatology, medicine, surgery, ENT and other departments are being dealt with.  Also referral services to other departments when needed is made and emergencies are managed in the respective ICU.

All OP patients and blood samples from IP patients who need investigations are send to centralized laboratory in the main block of Medical College Hospital where biochemistry, hematology,   pathology labs and X- rays are done.
There are 14 beds in male ward and 10 beds in female ward and a post operative room (2 beds), with additional 6 beds in ward 16 and 17 of MCH wing. Post operative cases are transferred from main block of MCH to the PMR block after surgery for IP care.  
As the Medical College wing of PM&R attached to the main block was closed as per Lr.No.CA/8555/08/MCH dt 27/02/2008, rehab services for patients admitted in MCH was given in our department when the patient is brought in an ambulance.  Patients admitted in ICU are seen by the faculty members and PG students from the department. 1377 patients from MCH were seen during the last year.  
The proposal for the spinal cord injury center with bed strength of 30 attached to PM&R has been put forth for rehabilitation of spinal cord injury patients. If this is sanctioned, the total bed strength will be 60. There is scope of starting geriatric, Traumatic Brain Injury and stroke ward attached to the department of PM&R. We have ample facilities for physiotherapy and occupational therapy and evaluations like EMG, PFT, CMG etc.

The number of rehabilitation specialists with qualification in PM&R is very less in the medical field and demand is more when compared to other specialities.  With modern facilities in management the life span in the Indian population is almost 75 years and 14% of the total population is disabled.  The geriatric population is on a steady rise with few centers maintaining rehabilitation of the geriatric population.  The problems in old age and complications following road and rail traffic accidents and chronic conditions are given very little importance.  Due to lack of trained physiatrists, paramedicals and physiotherapists indulge in this field which hinders rehabilitation.  In the rural areas, there is lack of awareness on rehabilitation among the doctors.  Hence if the no.of physiatrists qualified each year are increased, it will be a great help for the society.

Head of the department

 Abdul Gafoor

Facilities at a glance

1. Academic activities:

At present the department of PM&R has intake of 3 MD and 1 DPMR candidate.
PGs from other departments like orthopedics, dermatology, medicine, neurology etc are given training in this department.  Also PGs from the department of PM&R  are posted and given training  in other departments like Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Pulmonary medicine, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery & Urology.
Undergraduates students in the sixth semester were given training in rehabilitation for a period of 2 weeks.
Paramedicals like MSc. Nursing, MSW students, General nursing are also given training in this department and their thesis being guided.
We have 2 lecture halls one in the main building and other in the first floor of artificial limb fitting center

2. Artificial Limb centre:

The artificial limb fitting center is a two storeyed  building attached to the PM&R  department caters to the needs of the disabled from South Kerala.  We have trained technicians for manufacture of prosthesis (artificial limbs), and orthosis(assistive devices).  The staff pattern of limb center is as follows




Mechanical Engineer


Accounts cum purchase officer




Senior store officer




Prosthetic technicians


Orthotic technicians








Full time sweeper


Part time sweeper




At present prosthesis and orthosis of advanced technology, endoskeletal prosthesis, early prosthetic fitment, light weight polypropylene calipers etc are provided for the disabled with less waiting period.  The proposal for the modernization of the existing limb center has already been given.  Newer technology involving thermoplastics, silicone, carbon fibre , orthoplastics, hydraulic and pneumatic joints, which has more durability and efficiency is already been used in other centers. 

3. Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy services
The physiotherapy section is full fledged with various physical modalities, equipments and Laser therapy.  The gymnasium has a common area for ambulation and gait training.
Occupational therapy has modern equipments like motorized wheel chair and facilities for neuro developmental training and research.

4. Laboratory services
Electrodiagnostic lab with facilities to conduct EMG and NCV studies in both IP and OP patients  and patients referred from other departments.
Our newly established Gait Analysis system with 3D kinematic, kinetic and video capture facilities is housed in a separate well equipped air conditioned lab which works on all days to assess the gait deviations and modifications in patients.
We have a urodynamic lab with the cystometrogram done in  spinal cord injury patients admitted in our ward  , Meningomyelocele  ,other neurological conditions,  OP patients, and patients referred from other departments who need urodynamic studies.
The pulmonary function test lab is also utilized for evaluation and research purposes for spinal cord injury patients.

5. Community services
The CBR programme was conducted by faculty members and PGs in association with Mar Gregorious Center for rehabilitation, a NGO group.  Activities are conducted in Vattiyoorkavu and nearby panchayath.

6. Library facilities
Apart from the department library which has stock of few books, post graduates utilize the central library in the main office block of medical college, where  recent books, journals, ejournals etc are available.




1. Comparison study of exoskeletal vs endoskeletal prosthesis in lower extremity amputees Dr.Chitra G

2. Effectiveness of home based exercise therapy with conventional physiotherapy for management of low back pain: Dr.Sujith K R


3. Effect of Bromocriptine in post stroke non-fluent aphasia : Dr.Reeba Sini Jacob

4. Effect of Metformin in the management of obesity among adults: Dr.P. Selvan

5. Quality of life and functional independence of inmates of old age home: Dr.Zachariah T Zachariah


6. Study of functional ability and quality of life in prosthetically rehabilitated transtibial amputees: Dr.Lakshmi Nair

7. Relationship between spinal mobility measured and quality of life in patient with ankylosing spondylitis: Dr.Minju George

8. Effectiveness of exercises on pulmnory function of traumatic quadriplegic and high paraplegic patient: Dr.Sajeena A.S


9. Comparison between the effect of Botulinum Toxine and Phenol in the management of spasticity: Dr.Arun Aravind

10. Prognostic value of electroneuronography and needle EMG in Bell’s palsy: Dr.Sreeja P S

11. Comparison of the outcome of selective obturator neurectomy with that of combined neurectomy and adductor tenotomy in cerebral palsy: Dr.Rekha Babu

12. Association of glenonumeral joint subluxation and CRPS type I in hemiplegic patient.: Dr.Diana C G

13. Functional outcome of early post operative prosthetic fitting in transtibial amputees: Dr.Mitu C Shankar

14. Compare the functional outcome following suprascapular nerve block with exercise programme for periarthritic shoulder: Dr.Vipin C Mohan

2015.(ongoing studies)

15. Effects of Isometric exercises on Knee joint functions inpersons with Hemophelia Dr. Ancy Issac Guide . Dr. V.K. Sreekala.

16. Nerve conduction study on lowerlimb among diabetes mellitus who are asymptamatic for peripheralneuropathy. Dr. Nayana.I.R Guide Dr. S. Abdul Gafoor.

17. Functional Outcomeand its determinants among patients with spinal cord injury. Dr. Ancily Isaac. Guide. Dr. M. Jayasree.S


Two Publications in Indian journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Dr.S.Abdul Gafoor

Succession list of HOD's


Sl. No.




Dr. P.B. Muraleedhara Menon.

MBBS, D Physical Medicine (London)


1972 – 1985. February.



Dr. S. Hariharan.

MBBS, DPMR, Ortho, MS (Ortho)


1985 -1998 September


Dr. P. Ramaswamy Pillai.

MBBS, DPMR. Ortho, M S Ortho.


1998-2000 April.


Dr. P. Narayanan Nair.




Dr. N. Ahammed Pillai.


MS (Ortho).

May -20003 -2004 July


Dr. Chandini Dev.


May -20003 -2004 July

May -20003 -2004 July


Dr. Sreekala V.K.


M.S (General Surgery)

2004-2013 May


Dr.S.Abdul Gafoor


2013 june- 2014 September


Dr. Sreekala V.K.


M.S (General Surgery)

2014 September – 2016 June 23


Dr.S.Abdul Gafoor


2016 June 23 onwards

Faculties on this department

Abdul Gafoor

Professor & HOD

T.K. Vasudevan

Associate Professor

A Surendran

Additional Professor (CAP)


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