Pediatric Nephrology

Pediatric Nephrology


Only Pediatric Nephrology Department in the entire State of Kerala in the Government sector. Provides comprehensive  inpatient and outpatient service including dialysis to children with renal diseases including acute and chronic kidney disease. The clinicians of the Nephrology Department cover all aspects of inpatient and outpatient   Pediatric Nephrology care.
Unit has special expertise in evaluation and management of children with Nephrotic syndrome, Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), Hypertension, Renal Tubular disorders, Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) & Pediatric Dialysis. We have annually approximately 400 admissions, 7000 Outpatients,20 children on Dialysis and  18 Transplanted Children


Paediatric Nephrology is a rapidly developing specialty of Paediatrics dealing with kidney diseases in children. The Government has started a Paediatric Nephrology unit in August 2007at SAT hospital to improve the care of children with kidney diseases (GO (Ms.) No. 84/2007/H & FWD dated 12.04.2007). In 2015, the unit has been upgraded to a full- fledged department with the aim of starting DM course in Paediatric Nephrology(Ref GO (Ms.) No. 96/2015/H & FWD dated 08.05.2015,.GO (Ms.) No. 46/2016/H & FWD dated 11.02.2016).The posts sanctioned by the Government included 1Professor,1Associate Professor and 2 Assistant Professors. The aim of creation of department is to improve the care of children with Kidney diseases, start DM program in Paediatric Nephrology and facilitate research activities in Paediatric Nephrology. The department started   functioning from 04.03.2016 with Dr Susan Uthup, Additional Professor as the sole faculty member. Dr. Liji R joined the department as Assistant Professor on 13th May 2016 (GO(Rt) No:1038/2016 /H&FWD,E3/17858/2016/dt13.05.2016). Professor & Associate Professor posts are to be filled.

Head of the department

 Susan Uthup

Facilities at a glance

New high care area is being constructed on the third floor of the gold jubilee building. The required human resources for expansion of the Paediatric Nephrology services are already submitted to the Principal.


Other activities

Academic Activities
There are regular teaching activities in the department for MD and DCH Residents from the department of Paediatrics. All days except OP days morning classes  are conducted on common renal diseases in children. Case presentations are conducted once weekly for post graduates. Daily ward rounds are conducted with bed side discussions. Residents are given training on Renal procedures like renal biopsies, peritoneal dialysis, central venous cannulations , hemodialysis and plasmapheresis. Paediatric Residents from other Govt. Medical Colleges like Co-Operative Medical College, Kochi are also posted in the department for short term training.Department is also actively involved in the training and teaching of BSc and MSc nursing students posted to the unit
Observers from other Institutions
 DM Residents (Dr.Midhun, Dr.Pratichi) from institutions like KIMS ,SUT academy of Medical Sciences were  posted as short term observers in the department in the month of March & April 2016.


Peritoneal Dialysis Program
The unit runs a full-fledged peritoneal dialysis program since 2007 for chronic kidney failure in small children. At present 9 children are maintained on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis as bridge to kidney transplantation.

Kidney Transplantation
Collaborating with the adult nephrology team kidney transplantation is being done. With the inception of the Mritha Sanjeevani program and Cadaver transplantation, the program is gaining momentum. Already 17 children got transplanted  and are doing well, . The first Cadaver transplantation in Govt.Medical College Thiruvananthapuram was for a 13 year old boy maintained on hemodialysis in this unit at SAT Hospital.
Financial Support for children with CKD
With the inception of Government schemes like Thalolam ,RSBY and Karunya, the treatment of kidney diseases is now possible in many children. Thes schemes act as safteynet for continued patient care. The Palliative care  team  also provide timely assistance nd support the families.


The completed and ongoing research projects of 2015-16 are listed below    
1. Thyroid Profile in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome- SAT Endowment project completed in 2015-16
2. Long-term Risk of CKD in Children Surviving Episodes of Acute Kidney Injury in the Intensive Care Unit: A Prospective Cohort Study
3. Prevalence of renal Anemia and factors predicting EPO responsiveness in Children with CKD

1. S. Uthup, R. Binitha, R. Hema, and L. Kailas:A follow-up study of children with posterior urethral valve -Indian J Nephrol.2010 April; 20(2):72–75.
2. Renal Involvement in Multicentric Castleman’s Disease with Glomeruloid Hemangioma and Plasmacytoma -A Case Report  Susan Uthup, Krishna Balachandran,  American Journal of Kidney Diseases in November 2006
3. An unusual case of Neonatal salt wasting  : Renjith G ,Susan Uthup, Naveen Jain,Satheesh B . Indian Journal of Pediatrics August 2005
4. Prevalence and predictors of aortic dilation as a novel cardiovascular complication in children with end-stage renal disease Ahmad Kaddourah1*, Susan Uthup1*, Peace Madueme2, Matthew O’Rourke1, David K. Hooper1, Michael D. Taylor2, Steven D. Colan3, John L. Jefferies2, Marepalli B. Rao4, Jens Goebel Clinical Nephrology, Volume 83 (2015) - May (262 – 27
5. Clinical profile and outcome of D- haemolytic-uraemic syndrome in children from south India. S Uthup ; R C Radhakrishnan   South African Journal of Child Health vol.8 n.2  2014
6. Outcome of Aortopathy in Children Post transplant ,Pediatric Transplantation Volume 17,   Issue Supplement s1,  pages 1–118, August 2013
7. Member of the draft Committee on UTI protocol published in Indian Pediatrics 2011
8. Contributed Chapter on Nephrotic Syndrome in Children in the Text Book on Primary Glomerular Disorders edited by Prof.Ramdas  Pisharody –Published by Elsivier India Ltd 2010
9. Contributed Chapter on Lupus Nephritis in Children in the Text Book on Chronic Kidney Diseases in Children  edited by Prof.Sanjeev Gulati  –Published by Elsivier India Ltd 2011
10. Asst. Editor Essentials Of Nephrology -Text book by  Prof. R Kasi Visweswaran published by BI Churchill Livingston,New Delhi
11. Contributed Chapter on Vasculitis in Children in the Text Book Of Pediatric Nephrology by Dr.Nammalwar and Dr. Vijayakumar

Implement strategies and specific programs to improve the quality of life of children with kidney diseases in Kerala
Achieve the goal of Kidney Transplantation in children below 7 years in  GMCT by 2020
Start Post Doctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology
Start DM Course in Pediatric Nephrology
Research in the field of Pediatric Nephrology collaborating with basic science departments.


Succession list of HOD's

Faculties on this department

Susan Uthup

Additional Professor and Clinical Head

Liji R



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