In the year 1951, when the Medical College was started, Bacteriology, Pathology and Hygiene functioned as one Department. Dr. C. O. Karunakaran (D. Bact, DPH), the first Principal, himself organised the bacteriology section, assisted by Dr. Vamana Rao (Blood Bank) as Demonstrator.

The Department became full-fledged when the first Professor, Dr. R. Ananthanarayanan (D. Bact, PhD Virology) joined in November 1953. Under his guidance, diagnostic work was started in the Microbiology lab in the Medical College Hospital in 1957. In the same year, he brought the Department to the forefront in the culture and identification of the Influenza virus during the Asian flu epidemic. Dr. Jayaram Panicker, who was later to be the co-author of his popular Textbook of Microbiology, also worked here during this period. The Mycology section was set up by Sri. P. V. Kurup, a Plant Pathologist. Subsequently, a bacteriology lab was opened in the SAT Hospital for Women & Children, for the convenience of the patients there.

Dr. K. M. Joseph, Dr. P. Balakrishnan, Dr. K. Sivarajan, Dr. P. T. Iype, Dr. C. M. G. Nair, Dr. Muriel Sukumaran, Dr. Indira Devi, Dr. Mabel Legori, Dr. Geetha Thrivikramji, Dr. Indu. P, Dr. Mary Mathew and Dr. Ramani Bai. J.T were the eminent Heads of the Department who played an active role in the further development of the Department. The dedication and perseverance of Dr. Muriel Sukumaran resulted in the starting of the Post Graduate course, M. D. Microbiology, in 1981.

The AIDS Surveillance Centre was established by the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) under this Department for HIV screening, confirmation and surveillance of AIDS in the State of Kerala, in 1986. The then Head of the Department, Dr. Mabel Legori, took special efforts to organise the working of the Centre.

Dr. Mabel Legori’s Herculean efforts and intense desire for implementation of Clinical Microbiological methods in patient care resulted in the starting of the round-the-clock Microbiology lab service in the Medical College Hospital in 1991and was the only Microbiology lab in the Government sector offering 24-hour service in Kerala at that time. This has speeded up the processing time and help to generate well-interpreted reports.

During her tenure as the Head of the Department, Dr. Mabel Legori also founded the Academy of Clinical Microbiologists in 1996. This helped to propagate the idea of clinical application of Microbiological techniques, and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas related to Clinical Microbiology among the clinicians.

Dr. Ramani Bai. J.T was the professor & Head from 2006 to 2015. During her period 24 hr service was started in SATH Microbiology laboratory. She took initiative in implementing infection control committee in both SATH and MCH to reduce the hospital acquired infections. The 24 hr MCH is upgraded to Central Clinical Microbiology Laboratory in the year 2011. In this lab the automated system was introduced for routine blood culture and mycobacteria culture. At present, Dr. Sarada Devi. K.L is the Professor & Head.

Head of the department

 Sarada Devi K.L

Facilities at a glance

Academic and Training Programmes

Undergraduate CoursesNumber of StudentsDuration
MBBS2001½ years
BDS601 year
BSc Nursing751 year
Dental Hygienist101 year
BSc MLT206 months
Diploma in MLT606 months
Post Basic BSc Nursing311 year
Bachelor of Cardio Vascular Technology31 year
BSc Perfusion Technology41 year


Post-Graduate CoursesNumber of StudentsDuration
MD - Microbiology43 years
DCP26 months
DPH81 week
MD - Community Medicine   31 week
MD - Transfusion Medicine41 month
MD – Pharmacology63 days
M. Sc MLT46 months



List of investigations done in our diagnostic laboratory

Collection and processing of various clinical specimens & the Antibiotic sensitivity testing of clinical isolates.

  • Urine
  • Sputum/Bronchial washings/Throat swab
  • Pus/Aspirated fluids/Exudate
  • CSF
  • Motion
  • Blood – Both conventional and automated systems are available S.

Fungal Culture Examination of specimens for parasites
Mycobacteriology – Conventional and Automated systems are available

Serological investigations


  • Dengue IgM, IgG, NS1 Antigen
  • Chikungunya
  • Leptospirosis
  • TORCH infection (Toxoplasma, Rubella, Cytomegalo virus, Herpes virus)
  • Hepatitis A, B, C & E
  • Scrub typhus
  • Detection of ANA, and Anti ds DNA.

Other Diagnostic tests

  • Syphilis – VDRL & TPHA
  • Widal test
  • Latex agglutination test for RA factor, ASO, CRP
  • Test done in ICTC (Jyothis) – HIV Rapid test
  • CD4 testing

Other activities

Ongoing research projects

  • SMBR Projects
  • ICMR Projects
  • STI Projects


1. MCI Recognition of 4 MD (Microbiology) seats.

2. National Accreditation of HIV testing laboratory.

3. Approval of Medical college level Virology Laboratory(VRDL).

Succession list of HOD's

1. Dr. R. Ananthanarayanan
2. Dr. K. M. Joseph
3. Dr. P. Balakrishnan
4. Dr. K. Sivarajan
5. Dr. P. T. Iype
6. Dr. C.M.G. Nair
7. Dr. Muriel Sukumaran
8. Dr. Indira Devi
9. Dr. Geetha Thrivikramji
10.Dr. Mabel Legori
11.Dr. Indu. P
12.Dr. Mary Mathew
13.Dr. Ramani Bai J.T
14.Dr. Rama Devi. S
15.Dr. Sarada Devi. K.L

Faculties on this department

Anna Cherian


Manjusree S


Jyothi R

Associate Professor


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Emergency Enquiry

MCH Casualty
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ph: 0471-2528300
MCH New OP Block
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ph: 0471-2528469
OP SuperSpecialty Block
(8:00 am - 5:00 pm)
ph: 0471-2528448

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